Custom SeriesTM - Power Supply Projects

AJ’s Power Source Inc. has the complete capability to design metal components
and printed circuit boards to accommodate all elements of the system.

Custom 1U Rackmount AC to Multiple DC Outputs and Networking Capability

Designed for a Console Infrastructure Module (CIM) to allow for power conversion and networking

Our 1U 19” rackmount AC to multiple DC outputs and networking integration system is based on our previous power designs. This system utilizes many of the same components and design concepts which allowed for quick development times. This system provides AC/AC filtering, AC/DC power conversion, fan control, thermal monitoring, Ethernet monitoring, Ethernet reporting, Ethernet hub, USB hub, Audio amplifier and UPS attachment capability. This type of system design will allow for a lower overall cost of ownership versus buying all components separately and utilizing external wiring. Please contact us for more information.


• 1U (0 to 4000) Watts Rack mount Power Supply
• Universal VAC input voltage range (90-264)
• Wide input Frequency Range (47-440Hz)
• Single or Three Phase options.
• High efficiency up to 90% across all voltages
• Wide Operating/Non-Operating Temperature Range
• Standard 19” Rack mount Configurations
• Internal N+1 Redundancy Options
• Overvoltage/Overvoltage protection
• Over temperature protection
• Shortened Lead Times