MIL-VIC SeriesTM - High Output Power Converter

The MIL-VIC SeriesTM is a Military Vehicle DC to DC High Output Power Converter.
Built for deployment and operations equipment.

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MIL-STD-1399-300B Type I

Military Vehicle DC to DC High Output Power Converter

The MIL-VIC SeriesTM is a Military Vehicle DC to DC High Output Power Converter Designed for MRAP – JLTV – HMMWV – M1A2 Abrams Tank – Stryker – Buffalo – LTATV – Cougar – M9 and more.

The MIL-VIC SeriesTM is a ruggedized military compliant DC to DC systems built for deployment and operations equipment. This series is available to all military, homeland security and government contractors. Light weight and built for reliability, these fully ruggedized systems are ready for world wide deployment.

The MIL-VIC SeriesTM provides 24 VDC Military (MIL-STD-1275) compliant input (9-36 or 18-36VDC Range) power with a multitude of output possibilities to include custom systems as required. These systems have internal surge suppression and wide temperature ranges. The MIL-VIC SeriesTM is available in both chassis mount and Rack mount Configurations.

Our overall concept consists of aluminum sealed case with thermal dispersion via the bottom of the chassis through conduction cooling (Can also be configured with an external heat sink). The other option is an internal fan design for power supply cooling (shown in the picture below). This unit will be designed as a ruggedized military power system. It has an input range of 9-36VDC or 18-36VDC and is designed with a multitude of regulated outputs as shown in the table below. The input/output will be provided via a Military Circular Connector or bus bars for larger power options. This power supply is designed with weight and size in mind.


• Universal DC Input Voltages (9-36VDC & 18-36VDC)
• Power Ranges from 200 – 2400 Watts
• High Efficiencies
• High Temperature Ranges
• Standard mechanical enclosures designed for all environments
• Optional IP67 IP68 Submersible chassis
• Configurable for short lead times
• Industry standard connection points
• Cooling: Conduction Cooled/ Heatsink / Fanned Designs
• Very Low Weight