Warranty Policy

AJ’s Power Source Inc. Designs and Develops Military, Aerospace, Industrial,
Commercial, Telecom and Custom Power Supply Solutions

  1. Seller warrants that all products are free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from assembly. In warranty defective units will be repaired or replaced at seller’s discretion within 60 of return, free of charge.
  2. Limited warranty – AJPS is to produce custom goods per Customer’s written specification only and does not warranty the operation, fitness, assembly or products in which the goods are used. AJPS will repair goods (no charge backs), upon inspection by AJPS, which proves to be defective workmanship within one year from the date of shipment. Any goods showing evidence of non-factory authorized repair, alterations or damage due to accident, installation, or abuse will not be covered by this warranty.
  3. Damaged or out of warranty units must be returned freight prepaid with an authorized RMA number, and PO number for charges.
  4. AJPS will advise the cost of repairs prior to making repairs. PO must be updated with repair cost within 30 days or unit will be returned and one hundred dollars will be charged for testing.
  5. The charge for a unit with no failure found or for unit that are deemed beyond repair is one hundred dollars.

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