Custom SeriesTM - Power Supply Projects

AJ’s Power Source Inc. has the complete capability to design metal components
and printed circuit boards to accommodate all elements of the system.

Custom DC-DC Power Conditioner Supply

Designed for use in rugged environments

Our overall design consists of an aluminum case with thermal dispersion via the bottom of the chassis through conduction cooling. This is a fan free design and will meet all temperature requirements without external or internal airflow while conducted to the baseplate. This unit will be designed as a ruggedized military power conditioning system. The system will be designed with a single regulated output. The input is designed to handle the identified characteristics of both MIL-STD-1275 and MIL-STD-704. The input is provided via a male DB-9 style connector, the output via a female DB-15 style connector, and the control connector is a female DB-9 style. This power supply is designed with weight and size in mind. Please contact us for more details.


• 80 Watts Power Supply
• Universal VAC input voltage range (90-264)
• Wide input Frequency Range (47-440Hz)
• Single or Three Phase options.
• High efficiency up to 90% across all voltages
• Wide Operating/Non-Operating Temperature Range
• Internal N+1 Redundancy Options
• Overvoltage/Overvoltage protection
• Over temperature protection
• Shortened Lead Times