Custom SeriesTM - Power Supply Projects

AJ’s Power Source Inc. has the complete capability to design metal components
and printed circuit boards to accommodate all elements of the system.

Military Power Supply for Vehicle & AC Generator Applications

Designed to power all Communications Equipment inside the vehicle while on the move or on the stop.

Our overall concept consists of an aluminum case with thermal dispersion via a center channel heatsink. This design allows for a wash down design for use in harsh environments. This unit was designed as a ruggedized military power supply system. This design has been tested to meet high & low temperature requirements, shock, vibration, blowing dust, blowing sand and MIL-STD-1275 vehicle power. The system was designed with a single regulated output of 28VDC but could easily be modified for different voltages. The input is designed to handle the identified characteristics of both MIL-STD-1275 and MIL-STD-704 as well as an additional Universal VAC input. The input and outputs are provided via environmentally sealed military circular connectors. All inputs are protected by environmentally sealed circuit breakers. Please contact us for a full datasheet and more information.


• Universal DC Input Voltages (9-36VDC & 18-36VDC)
• 2400 Watts Power
• High Efficiencies
• High Temperature Ranges
• Standard mechanical enclosures designed for all environments
• Optional IP67 IP68 Submersible chassis
• Configurable for short lead times
• Industry standard connection points
• Cooling: Conduction Cooled/ Heatsink / Fanned Designs
• Very Low Weight